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red. Wojciech Nowak

A.    Monografie i rozdziały w książkach:

1.    W. Nowak, High Temperature Corrosion of Alloys and Coatings in Gas-Turbines Fired with Hydrogen-Rich Syngas Fuels, rozprawa doktorska, ISBN 978-3-95806-012-8, Schriften des Forschungszentrums Julich, Reihe Energie & Umwelt / Energy & Environment, Band/Volume 239

(do pobrania ze strony: http://publications.rwth-aachen.de/record/465386/files/5262.pdf)


   B.   Publikacje w czasopismach międzynarodowych i krajowych:

1.    Nowak, W.,  Naumenko, D.,  Mor, G.,  Mor, F.,  Mack, D.E.,  Vassen, R.,  Singheiser, L.,  Quadakkers, W.J.  “Effect of processing parameters on MCrAlY bondcoat roughness and lifetime of APS-TBC systems”, Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 260, Pages 82-89, 2014

2.    A. Jalowicka, W. Nowak, D. Naumenko, L. Singheiser, W.J. Quadakkers, “Effect of nickel base superalloys composition on oxidation resistance in SO2 containing, high pO2 environments”, Materials and Corrosion, Volume 65, Issue 2, Pages 178-187, 2014

3.    P. Huczkowski, T. Olszewski, M. Schiek, B. Lutz, G.R. Holcomb, V. Shemet, W. Nowak, G.H. Meier, L. Singheiser, W.J. Quadakkers, “Effect of SO2 on oxidation of metallic materials in CO2/H2O-rich gases relevant to oxyfuel environments”, Materials and Corrosion, Volume 65, Issue 2, Pages 121-131, 2014

4.  A. Jalowicka, W. Nowak, D. J. Young, V. Nischwitz, D. Naumenko, W. J., „Boron Depletion in a Nickel Base Superalloy Induced by High Temperature Oxidation”, Oxidation of Metals, Volume 83, Issue 3-4, Pages 393-413, 2015

5.    Anton Chyrkin, Rishi Pillai, H. Ackermann, H. Hattendorf, S. Richter, W. Nowak, D. Grüner, W.J. Quadakkers, “Modeling carbide dissolution in alloy 602 CA during high temperature oxidation”, Corrosion Science, Volume 96, Pages 32-41, 2015

6. D. Naumenko, A. Jalowicka, W. Nowak, W.J. Quadakkers, "Corrosion resistance of cast, nickel base superalloys in environments relevant to gas-turbines operating on sulfur rich fuels", NACE - International Corrosion Conference Series, Volume 2, Pages 1612-1626, 2016

7. P. Huczkowski, A. Chyrkin, L. Singheiser, W. Nowak, W.J. Quadakkers, "Corrosion behavior of candidate heat exchanger materials in oxidizing and reducing gases, relevant to oxyfuel combustion", NACE - International Corrosion Conference Series, Volume 3, Pages 1941-1955, 2016

8.  M. Schiek, W. Nowak, L. Niewolak, G.H. Meier, R. Vassen, W.J. Quadakkers, “Scale formation of Alloy 602 CA during Isothermal Oxidation at 800-1100°C in Different Types of Water Vapor Containing Atmospheres”, Oxidation of Metals, Volume 84, Pages 661-694, 2015

9.  R. Pillai, A. Chyrkin, D. Grüner, W. Nowak, W.J. Quadakkers, N. Zheng, A. Kliewe, “Carbides in an aluminised single crystal superalloy: tracing the source of carbon”, Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 288, Pages 15-24, 2016

10.  P. Huczkowski, S.G. Gopalakrishnan, W. Nowak, H. Hattendorf, R. Iskandar, J. Mayer, W.J. Quadakkers, “Effect of Zr-content on the morphology and emissivity of surface oxide scales on FeCrAlY alloys”, Advanced Engineering Materials, Volume 18, Pages 711-720, 2016

11.  A. Jalowicka, W.J. Nowak, D. Naumenko, W.J. Quadakkers, „Effect of SO2 Addition on Air Oxidation Behavior of CM247 and CMSX-4 at 1050°C”, Journal of Metals, Volume 68, Pages 2776-2785, 2016

12.   W.J. Nowak, P. Wierzba, D. Naumenko, W.J. Quadakkers, J. Sieniawski, „Water vapour effect on high temperature oxidation behaviour of superalloy Rene 80”, Advances in Manufacturing Science and Technology, Volume 40, Pages 41-52, 2016

13. W.J. Nowak, A. Jałowicka, V. Nischwitz, D. Gruner, D. Naumenko, W.J. Quadakkers, Effect of alloy composition on the oxidation-induced boron depletion in cast Ni-base superalloy components”Materials and Corrosion, Volume 68, Issue 2, Pages 171-185, 2017

14. E. Hejrani, D. Sebold, W.J. Nowak, G. Mauer, D. Naumenko, R. Vassen, W.J. Quadakkers, „Isothermal and cyclic oxidation behavior of free standing MCrAlY coatings manufactured by high-velocity atmospheric plasma spraying”, Surface & Coatings Technology, Volume 313, Pages 191-201, 2017

15. W. J. Nowak, "Characterization of oxidized Ni-based superalloys by GD-OES", Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 2017, 32, 1730–1738

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17. D Szeliga, K Kubiak, W Ziaja, R Cygan, JS Suchy, A Burbelko, W.J. Nowak, J Sieniawski, "Investigation of casting-ceramic shell mold interface thermal resistance during solidification process of nickel based superalloy"Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 2017, 87, 149-160

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